The global spread of COVID-19 has not only changed the routine of our daily lives, but also how and where we work. With the sudden and dramatic change in how our workforces do their jobs, it’s more important than ever to ensure the services they need to conduct business are available, reliable and performing at a high level, from any remote location. Wir können helfen.

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Protect Availability

There has never been a time when critical internet infrastructure has been more vulnerable to cyber threats and must be protected to assure access. With Arbor Smart DDoS Protection you can:

  • Mitigate inbound DDoS attacks that can saturate your internet circuits, essentially blocking your remote users from access to internal resources.
  • Stop TCP state exhaustion and application layer attacks that threaten your stateful VPN gateways, firewalls, and business-critical applications.
  • Rely on Arbor DDoS attack mitigation experts and Global Threat Intelligence experts with the education and experience to deliver and provide 24x7 protection.

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Ensure Performance

Enterprises face uncharted territory and are challenged to support the majority of their workforce now working from home or in critical branch offices. You need to monitor availability and performance of all applications, regardless of where they are deployed. An understanding the user experience and the impact of service-affecting issues is essential. With NETSCOUT Service Assurance solutions, you can:

  • Ensure that remote access capacity is sufficient, properly configured and performing as expected. Measure the performance of technologies that leverage your VPN services like VDI (Citrix, VMware Horizon, etc.).
  • Provide visibility into your cloud and on-prem data centers to ensure that critical business applications continue to perform as expected.
  • Simulate business transactions automatically and continuously from each user’s location to both SaaS and on-premise applications to validate connectivity and performance – even over their home Wi-Fi.

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UC&C Quality

Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) systems are essential to your remote workforce to effectively share information and work as a team. As the volume, frequency and length of voice and video sessions explode, you need to ensure they are accessible, as well as free from degradation or delay to audio and video services. With NETSCOUT Service Assurance solutions, you can:

  • Proactively collect, organize, and analyze traffic to deliver a holistic view of UC performance to manage service delivery across complex multi-location, multi-vendor UC environments.
  • Establish regularly-scheduled testing, even when employees are not working, to ensure VoIP systems are available and audible before anyone even makes a call ensuring quality and availability.

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Contact Center Experience

Today, as customers practice social distancing, your Contact Center may be the only way they can interact with your business. As you rely on your customer service reps now operating remotely, you need to depend on unimpeded transfer of calls, high-quality conversations, and swift access to customer records to assure a quality customer experience. With NETSCOUT Service Assurance solutions, you can:

  • Track activity and key metrics related to performance of calls coming into contact centers and transferred, via such services as SIP Trunking, out to home-based customer service reps to simultaneously ensure connectivity and quality is maintained throughout the call and that the agents have seamless access to CRM systems.
  • Continuously test external availability into your Contact Center and create early alerts to notify you if calls will experience problems even before users are impacted, so the cause can be isolated and resolved quickly.

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