Ensure applications and network services are available from remote locations
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The explosion in home-based users is placing unique demands on many IT services that often still reside in the Data Center, yet remote employees are expecting business as usual when it comes to performance of their core business applications.

  • The traffic volumes at the key ingress/egress data points into the Data Center have changed and these connections need to be constantly monitored as traffic profiles change due to the demand of the increased number of home-based workers.
  • The traffic activity across the firewalls, load balancers, and front-end application servers is also impacted.  It is essential to assure that the firewalls and other components are coping given these new traffic profiles.
  • The use of SaaS applications in the cloud, which don’t pass through the data center, will still be used by employees, but now from remote locations over the public Internet, potentially creating an unstable work experience for your teams.  


With NETSCOUT’s Service Assurance Platform deployed in the Data Center and at the edge, we provide visibility to:

ngenius web services monitor
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nGeniusONE assures performance of critical application within the datacenter and provides the ability to triage issues along the service chain, from backend application services, to database, to enablers to desktop services to reduce mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR) and validate that services up and running quickly.  This will help these enterprises continue to deliver high quality customer service, maintain employee productivity, optimize costs, and protect revenue opportunities while they conduct business under challenging circumstances. 

Providing the ability to visualize performance of applications through the VPNs and Internet connections will allow for a quick determination of whether the issue is on-prem to troubleshoot within the data center, or if it’s remote due to the internet access or at the end users.   

nGeniusPULSE brings another level of service assurance, even when users are not active so IT can stay ahead of remote user impacting issues.  IT can troubleshoot issues across the Internet to the data center or SaaS applications from the client perspective to ensure remote user connectivity with nGeniusPULSE: 

  • Home and Remote Workers:
    Confirm access to on-prem and external business applications, network connectivity, and availability to VPN
  • Within the Enterprise
    Monitor performance and availability of the WAN and VPN 
  • Outside the Enterprise
    Validate accessibility from worldwide cloud locations 

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