GeoSoft & ISNG RAN

Data Collection for RAN Analytics and Monitoring

Our instrument family provides comprehensive access network monitoring and data collection across legacy and next-generation technologies for troubleshooting, business applications and intelligence layers.

GeoSoft RAN: skalierbare, Software-basierte Funk-Zugangsnetzüberwachung

Das software-basierte GeoSoft RAN erweitert die Sichtbarkeit auf Service- und Netzwerkprobleme im mobilen Access-Netzwerk. Mit der traceport-Datenerhebung für Multi-Technologie-, Multi-Vendor-Umgebungen unterstützt GeoSoft RAN Fehlerbehebungs- und Optimierungsaufgaben für LTE- und 3G-Zugangsnetze. Paired with NETSCOUT’s session analyzer, GeoSoft RAN enables end-to-end visibility from Core-to-RAN, for cross-department, cross-domain troubleshooting and performance monitoring.

InfiniStreamNG RAN: Cost-effective RAN Monitoring for LTE and 5G Massive Cell Deployments

The ISNG RAN platform provides unprecedented real-time views of RAN control plane allowing end-to-end visibility across physical and virtual network environments. By strategically deploying InfiniStreamNG RAN (ISNG RAN) probes throughout your entire RAN network, you gain a complete, seamless view, allowing you to monitor and gather data from 3G, 4G, NB-IOT, and 5G radio access technology (RAT) networks.

RAN Flow Broker: Enables Load Balancing and Subscriber Identity Data Management

The RAN Flow Broker platform provides RAN vendor cell trace load balancing to ISNG RAN or GeoSoft RAN probes. RAN Flow Broker also manages IMSI and IMEI metadata allowing full subscriber identity analysis for the NETSCOUT smart RAN ASI data feed and the TrueCall Geoanalytics application.

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RAN-Überwachung und -Fehlersuche

Unterstützen Sie die Betriebsteams mit RAN-fähigen Lösungen

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nGenius Session Analyzer

Einzelnes optimiertes System erhöht Produktivität

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Carrier Reduce Network Outages and Saves Brand Reputation

NETSCOUT's solution helps carrier service provider manage national outages and saves brand reputation.

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